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Security Systems
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Your home or business are likely to be the most valuable things you will ever own as well as where your most precious possessions are found. We are provide  you with a no-nonsense guide to the often confusing options available to you, suggesting simple methods for protecting your home or business.

Intruder Alarms
An intruder alarm is intended to act as a deterrent as well as reducing the chances of your home or business being burgled. An alarm will not stop somebody from entering, it will alert you and others to their presence. Burglary is often unsuccessful if something draws attention to the intruder's presence and a burglar alarm is a good way to do this.

Many Insurance Companies require a burglar alarm to be fitted. Often discounted rates are available to customers whose property is fitted with such an alarm.

There are two main types of burglar alarm:
1. Local audible alarm - sounds on the property upon activation and relies on passers-by or neighbours to report the incident to the police.
2. Monitored alarm - sends an automatic signal to the local police via an Alarm Receiving Centre for immediate action.

A CCTV system can provide constant surveillance of your home or business and as with other security systems, simply making potential intruders aware that they are being monitored is an effective deterrent.

Like burglar alarms, a CCTV system will not foil a burglary but it can make it easier to identify and catch the criminal.

Cameras can be set to monitor and record what is happening inside and outside your home or business while you are at home or away. They can either be triggered to record by sensors which respond to movement or can take still pictures of fixed areas at regular intervals.

From a single camera to multiple sites with multiple camera systems Williams Electrics LTD have experience in designing and installation. We install the very latest cameras and technology and are constantly reviewing and researching new products to make sure that we stay at the top.

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